Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We got the boys dressed up in their Halloween costumes on Sunday night and took them out to see my parents and my sister and then we headed over to church for the fun party there.  Talan and Deegan were dressed up as Transformers and Baker and Madden were Lions (T and D wore those costumes a few years ago).  They all looked so cute of course.  They had fun at church and played a bunch of games but Talan and Deegan were pretty much wanting to go on the bouncy houses over and over and the place was getting a bit crowded so we took off but we spent enough time there and they had fun and got more then enough candy.  Here are some pictures of them in their costumes.
Madden is trying to check out Baker here

Now Baker is checking out the boys
Here are a few pics from the party at church:
Talan playing a shooting game

Wasn't sure if Lion Baker would fit in his wheelchair with his big puffy belly...but we squeezed him in there :)

Also, had to put a cut picture of Madden trying to reach his bday candles at his party:
Also, a couple months back when Madden was supposedly taking his nap I went in his room to find a white mess.  I remember Talan and Deegan getting a hold of their powder when they were little too but this was even worse.   I wish I would have taken a picture of his room.   I mean a whole brand new bottle, emptied, the air was thick, everything was white, I was coughing, his pour lungs had to be coated.  Took lots of time scrubbing and rescrubbing and I still find white in places here and there. I got these funny pics of him after he had made the mess though:

These were even after the initial rub down pre-scrub of course.  Doesn't he look like he has no idea he did something wrong....little stinker :)