Friday, October 28, 2011


Oh my oh my, how is it possible.  How is it that my sweet little baby is 3 years old today?  Doesn't seem possible and actually makes me really sad.  Time is going way too quickly and I don't want my baby to grow up.  Slow down Madden :)
You are a crazy, fun loving, energetic, spunky, strong willed, funny, amazing little guy.  You always have us all laughing and you keep up with your older brothers as if you were their same age.  It seemed like you took awhile to get together clear sentences but you really do great now.  Even people other then mommy and daddy can understand you :)  You still say some of the cutest things - saucy is still means sorry.   Floffy is still our dog Roxy.
Just like Talan and Deegan, you are an amazing brother to Baker.  You give him sweet kisses and you hand him toys when he drops them.  You try to share your food with him even though he isn't able to eat.  You are just so kind hearted.
Yes you can be naughty but then so quickly you show your sweet side.  "mommy are you sad", "I'm saucy mommy", "i yuv u mommy"  oh my goodness, so precious.
You love being outside, riding bike, playing in the sandbox, chasing your brothers in the razor.  Your favorite shows are Chuggington, Umizoomi and Word World.  And you love playing with trucks.
Thank you for being our sweet little baby for 3 years and now we can't wait to watch you grow up!!  Love you so much Madden!!