Thursday, May 10, 2012


Ahhhh the long awaited time is here - Madden is consistently pooping in the toilet!  Let's celebrate!!!  This momma thought this would never happen.  He has been going strong for a couple weeks now and I am SOOOO proud of him.  He has been peeing in the toilet for along time and wearing underwear all day long and just needing a diaper for poo time...don't judge, I tried absolutely everything, every bribe, every punishment, every reward possible and nothing worked, i knew it would happen  in time and meanwhile he told me when he had to go and I would rather give him a diaper to poo in then clean poo out of underwear - yuck!!  I have to confess i just threw a few pairs of undi's away poo and all b/c I just couldn't handle cleaning them anymore.  Is there anything more gross really?!?   Anyhow the thing that finally enticed him enough was his big brothers offering him gum to go on the toilet oh sure, go for them.  Hey whatever works right!  It didn't last though, he went back to the diapers off and on.  I took him to "the tractor store" to pick out his own toy tractor as his first reward for doing the deed on the toilet and he also got to sit on every single tractor outside the store too and was quite disappointed that he couldn't take one of those home.   Now I am happy to say that now according to Madden the toilet is his best friend and he spends a lot of time with his best friend.  I would say he goes 5-10 times a day....seriously!!  Today when we were out running errands he had to go 5 different times.  And every single time (each day not just today while we were out) no matter how many times he has asked it before "are you proud of me mom" of course I am honey.  He often goes down the whole list "Daddy proud of me?  Talan proud of me?  Deegan proud of me?  Baker proud of me?"  So cute!   Yes, Madden we are all so very proud of you and pray that you continue to have the toilet as one of your "very best friends" :)  by the way he has many best friends, this is a subject of conversation every single day.  I am told I am his best friend every day (ok melt right) and if he is mad at someone he says they are no longer his best friend.
So proud with the tractor (actually bobcat) that he chose
I love you so much Madden and am of course SO PROUD OF YOU!!