Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Last week Jeromy had some time off so one day we took the boys (minus Madden) to the Everett Children's Museum b/c my friend Kym G. had told me how much her and her boys love it.  I think it might have been a little overstimulating for Baker but he did really like the train.  Talan and Deegan seemed to like the water game and the construction zone the best although if you ask them they say they like it all the best.   In the construction zone they loved building towers and Jeromy built a tall one around each boy and they thought that was cool.  There are a couple floors to the museum, the roof was closed b/c it was all iced over but when it was time to go to the basement we had our own special elevator ride that the workers had to come take us on b/c of Baker being in the wheelchair and of course not being able to use the stairs.
Baker had a little bit of a rough go on the drive but thankfully Jeromy was driving so I could hop back there and comfort him although the boys were very concerned the "the policeman was going to catch me" when I got out of my seatbelt.    Don't think they were worried I would get hurt, just that the policeman would get me :) 
It was nice to spend some time together with the 3 big boys.  The museum was SOOOO crowded it would have been stressful to have to worry about Madden there!
Here are some pictures of our day there
Baker loving the train

milking a cow...Baker was a bit scared of any of the large animals that made noise, so we stayed back

making bubbles

splash zone

karate chopping the tower

that's a big tower!

time to make alians in the craft room

time to head home