Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Talan and Deegan are doing a 2 week T-ball Clinic with the YMCA at Bender Fields. They started this week Monday and are having a lot of fun. It is very cute to watch. They are with the 3 and 4 year old group and are quite a bit bigger then a lot of the boys out there since I think some are barely 3. When we were leaving the first day they were upset b/c their best friend from Preschool (Carson) who is actually younger them is with the 5 year old group that plays after them and they really wanted to play with him. Talan crossed his arms and stopped his foot and said "well I am not going to play then" if he couldn't play with Carson. He had to put up his little stink. They got over it and played the next day but they both wished they could play with Carson. His mom said they put him with the older group b/c our group was full.

Their coach is coach Lisa and they have been working on throwing properly, hitting off the T and running the bases. I just love to watch them and it is funny to watch Talan not be shy with speaking up again. He can act so shy sometimes but I remember when I went on a field trip with their preschool class to the pumpkin patch he was answering all the questions and talking the whole time and that really surprised me. Well this is similar to that, he is not afraid to speak up that is for sure...even when the coach isn't asking a question :) Madden and Baker come with of course and Madden loves to run around in to the parking lot, in the dug out, on the field, you name it. The other day Talan looked at me after I chased Madden onto the field and he said "Mom, what is the problem, you are suppose to keep Madden out of here" . I thought that was so funny, excuse me Talan :) Deegan is doing really good and he is showing excellent patience so I appreciate that. He even was staying quite when he was going to get his turned skipped when it was time to bat. Both boys are doing great. We have been trying to help Talan with his throwing b/c he thinks he has to balance on one leg when he throws and Deeg's is so cute b/c he is trying to help him, he just like "see Talan, watch this". Gotta love these boys. Here are a few of the many pics I have taken. The 2nd picture down is Deegan and notice his tongue out, he always goes that when he is concentrating.

Last night was haircut night in Daddy's parlor here at home. He buzzes all the boys so it is nice to save money that way. He was done with Baker and Madden so I was working on bathing them and when I here Daddy yell "oh no" I come out and Talan had gotten a hold of the scissors and cut a big chunk out of his hair so Daddy buzzed it really short, shorter then he wanted to but I love it and think he looks really adorable. I think since Jeromy made kind of a big deal of it Talan thought it didn't look good so he was acting embarrassed today when I took them to T-ball and he asked if he could wear a hat so people couldn't see his funny hair. I think I have convinced now that he looks handsome. You can see pics below. Good thing he wasn't a girl b/c I am sure he would have cut his pony tail right off like little girls tend to do once in awhile.

This is the after the buzz cut shot for Talan. Deegan went and re-wet his hair this morning b/c he told me he decided he wanted his short like Talan's. Deeg's is just a little longer. Still super cute of course :)

Monday, July 26, 2010


Jeromy and I celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary on July 22nd and so this weekend we were actually able to take some time with just the 2 of us which is a very rare thing. My parents had the two "babies" and Jeromy's parents took the twins and we spent the night in Lynnwood on Saturday night. It was a nice get away. I feel very blessed and lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life and for celebrating 10 years of marriage. He is a great Hubby and Dad and I love him so much.

Baker has his first battle wound on his face. It is usually normal for little kids to have scrapes, cuts and bruises but since Baker can't move around and play we aren't use to seeing them on him. Madden loves to push Baker's stroller and while we were gone this weekend he did it again. This time in one split second he pushed the stroller off one stare of my parents deck and the stroller tipped over and he hit his head/face on the deck. I feel so bad for him b/c he doesn't have the natural reflexes/reactions to put his hands out to brace him so the poor little guy probably just saw the ground coming and could do nothing about it. It could have been a lot worse so thankfully no broken bones or anything but his scrapes and cuts do look really sad, these pics don't really do them justice. His tooth, or actually teeth, went through his bottom lip. It isn't affecting him now though, he still as happy as ever :) Here you can kind of see his chin owie

Here you can see his head and kind of see his lip and gums, but not too well.I hope these are the last of the battle wounds from his bro's but I doubt it.

Now onto Madden real quickly. He has been playing around on Talan and Deeg's trikes and the other day he actually started riding it really good all by himself. It is so cute, he is so little, only 22 months.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Life with 4 boys really is a lot of fun, never a dull moment, that is for sure!

Having twins is a crazy thing. I don't know if it is b/c they are boys or just b/c they are twins and by eachother every second of the day but I always find it amazing how they will go from being the best of friends one second to fighting like mad the next then right back to having fun and loving each other. I am sure it will be like that all of their lives. I really hope that all 4 boys can grow up being the best of friends and more then anything I hope Baker can continue to be included. Right now Talan and Deegan are usually both pretty good at entertaining or loving on Baker here and there and I really hope that doesn't change the older they get.

Lately Talan has been very attached to me, which I have to admit I really love. He never wants me to leave and always shows me a lot of love and attention. I savor that for sure!

Talan is very into music and he pretty much pretends everything is a musical instrument. Whether it be a tuba, drums, trumpet or anything else; he can turn any household item into a pretend instrument. I am anxious to see if he will stay interested in music.

All 4 boys love to dance and it is fun. We probably dance together almost every day and it is so cute. Baker can do his little hip thrust thing and Madden bounces up and down and turns his head from ear to ear and thinks he is pretty cool. Talan and Deegan have quite the style and they think they are pretty cool, I just think it is the cutest thing to see. "look at me mommy", "watch this mommy", I love it :)

Now, someday they will probably kill me for writing this but right now Talan and Deegan are into doing the model walk. On a cartoon yesterday one of the girls was modeling and now they run in their bedroom and yell for me to watch their "model walk" and I just bust up laughing. They walk down the hall with their hands on their hips, greatly exagerating the shaking of the hips and they have the silliest looks on their faces it is just adorable. I treasure all of these memories and can't wait to give them a hard time about all if when they are older ;)

Monday, July 19, 2010


We went camping at the Lynden KOA last week Wed - Saturday with Jeromy's parents. We all had such a great time. The weather was wonderful and it really is such a nice campground. It may seem funny to camp so close to home but once you are there you don't even realize you are that close and the kids don't know the difference and we have to admit the short drive is wonderful! The kids loved it there, we did paddle boating, mini golfing, swimming, bike riding, fishing and playing in the park. The family camping next to us was from Alberta and they had a 7 year old boy and a 3 year old girl and the 7 year old boy (Kaeden) and Talan and Deegan were pretty much attached the whole time. Kaeden came with on whatever the twins were doing and they absolutely loved being with him too so that was tons of fun.

The first time I tried to take Baker in the pool he was scared and cried...the water was quite cold though and there were a lot of kids in the pool. So I took him back out and we sat on the side for awhile watching his brothers and then Baker started to do his excited hip thrust thing so I thought it was time to try again and yep, no more crying, he really enjoyed it and as you can see on a picture below we were able to hold him up on the floatie and he liked that.

Madden is having a big spoon full of cool whip.

Here is Deegan and Addison, the girl camping next to us.

Madden attempting to fish :)

Deegan stretching out as far as he can trying to help on the paddle boats

This was Kaedens boat and the boys had fun playing around on it too.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We went camping to Entiat City Park with a great group of friends this past long weekend. Hermanuts', Baars, Ortiz', Maynards, Nyhoffs, Trent and Us were there and Julie Shumate and her boyfriend Corey, came for a few days as well. Talan and Deegan had so much fun playing with their friends and that was great to see! The Baars had their boat there and Kip took the boys on a couple rides and Talan and Deegan said it was "their favorite thing they have done in their whole entire life" which was cute. They also had fun doing the slip and slide down the hill, riding their bikes and scooters, building sand castles and spying on the neighbor girls. Yes our 4 year old boys along with the help of one of their best buddies, Trey, hid behind a pickup and spied on the 16 year old girls that were camped a few sites down. It was pretty funny :)

Now unfortunately Madden is sick and for him there is no such thing as a simple cold. He goes from having nothing to having trouble breathing in the snap of a finger. I spent 3 1/2 hour with him in the Dr. office last night and after low pulse ox, a couple breathing treatments, a dose of steroids, chest x-rays, and waiting for his pulse ox to come up we were able to come home and we didn't think we were going to be able to. Without the proper breathing treatments the Dr. said we would definitely end up in the ER (which we have before). Since he has had so many issues in the past with his breathing we know that at the first sign of any symptoms we need to give him his puff nebulizer but sometimes (like this time) that just isn't enough b/c we started that right away at home and it did nothing. So luckily we already have a nebulizer machine for Baker at home that we can use for Madden as well. He is not crazy about the mask but he will get use to it...hopefully :) So every few hours he will get that. Poor guy can never just have a simple snotty nose. He needs to see his regular Pediatrician in a few weeks b/c the Dr. last night is thinking he should get on some daily medication (even when not sick) that will help him avoid these serious issues. He said he was shocked how quickly he turned bad. The nebulizer machine (instead of the puffer) are helping though b/c his breathing is looking somewhat better today and yesterday he was so miserable and wouldn't eat or drink and was whining in my arms all day and today he has already had some watermelon and right now I am not holding him so hopefully today will be a better day!! Baker woke up with a snotty nose too and we are of course hoping it doesn't develop into something more serious for him as well.

Here are a few pics from our camping trip.

Our little stud Madden flirting with Reese

Deegan building a sand castle.

Our family on the last night there.

Talan (in Daddy's sweatshirt) having a serious talk with Kaeden

Baker having fun in my sunglasses

Madden wanted to hang from the bars over and over, he loved it. I am not holding him up at all, just there to catch him.