Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Life with 4 boys really is a lot of fun, never a dull moment, that is for sure!

Having twins is a crazy thing. I don't know if it is b/c they are boys or just b/c they are twins and by eachother every second of the day but I always find it amazing how they will go from being the best of friends one second to fighting like mad the next then right back to having fun and loving each other. I am sure it will be like that all of their lives. I really hope that all 4 boys can grow up being the best of friends and more then anything I hope Baker can continue to be included. Right now Talan and Deegan are usually both pretty good at entertaining or loving on Baker here and there and I really hope that doesn't change the older they get.

Lately Talan has been very attached to me, which I have to admit I really love. He never wants me to leave and always shows me a lot of love and attention. I savor that for sure!

Talan is very into music and he pretty much pretends everything is a musical instrument. Whether it be a tuba, drums, trumpet or anything else; he can turn any household item into a pretend instrument. I am anxious to see if he will stay interested in music.

All 4 boys love to dance and it is fun. We probably dance together almost every day and it is so cute. Baker can do his little hip thrust thing and Madden bounces up and down and turns his head from ear to ear and thinks he is pretty cool. Talan and Deegan have quite the style and they think they are pretty cool, I just think it is the cutest thing to see. "look at me mommy", "watch this mommy", I love it :)

Now, someday they will probably kill me for writing this but right now Talan and Deegan are into doing the model walk. On a cartoon yesterday one of the girls was modeling and now they run in their bedroom and yell for me to watch their "model walk" and I just bust up laughing. They walk down the hall with their hands on their hips, greatly exagerating the shaking of the hips and they have the silliest looks on their faces it is just adorable. I treasure all of these memories and can't wait to give them a hard time about all if when they are older ;)

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