Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We went camping to Entiat City Park with a great group of friends this past long weekend. Hermanuts', Baars, Ortiz', Maynards, Nyhoffs, Trent and Us were there and Julie Shumate and her boyfriend Corey, came for a few days as well. Talan and Deegan had so much fun playing with their friends and that was great to see! The Baars had their boat there and Kip took the boys on a couple rides and Talan and Deegan said it was "their favorite thing they have done in their whole entire life" which was cute. They also had fun doing the slip and slide down the hill, riding their bikes and scooters, building sand castles and spying on the neighbor girls. Yes our 4 year old boys along with the help of one of their best buddies, Trey, hid behind a pickup and spied on the 16 year old girls that were camped a few sites down. It was pretty funny :)

Now unfortunately Madden is sick and for him there is no such thing as a simple cold. He goes from having nothing to having trouble breathing in the snap of a finger. I spent 3 1/2 hour with him in the Dr. office last night and after low pulse ox, a couple breathing treatments, a dose of steroids, chest x-rays, and waiting for his pulse ox to come up we were able to come home and we didn't think we were going to be able to. Without the proper breathing treatments the Dr. said we would definitely end up in the ER (which we have before). Since he has had so many issues in the past with his breathing we know that at the first sign of any symptoms we need to give him his puff nebulizer but sometimes (like this time) that just isn't enough b/c we started that right away at home and it did nothing. So luckily we already have a nebulizer machine for Baker at home that we can use for Madden as well. He is not crazy about the mask but he will get use to it...hopefully :) So every few hours he will get that. Poor guy can never just have a simple snotty nose. He needs to see his regular Pediatrician in a few weeks b/c the Dr. last night is thinking he should get on some daily medication (even when not sick) that will help him avoid these serious issues. He said he was shocked how quickly he turned bad. The nebulizer machine (instead of the puffer) are helping though b/c his breathing is looking somewhat better today and yesterday he was so miserable and wouldn't eat or drink and was whining in my arms all day and today he has already had some watermelon and right now I am not holding him so hopefully today will be a better day!! Baker woke up with a snotty nose too and we are of course hoping it doesn't develop into something more serious for him as well.

Here are a few pics from our camping trip.

Our little stud Madden flirting with Reese

Deegan building a sand castle.

Our family on the last night there.

Talan (in Daddy's sweatshirt) having a serious talk with Kaeden

Baker having fun in my sunglasses

Madden wanted to hang from the bars over and over, he loved it. I am not holding him up at all, just there to catch him.

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