Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Talan and Deegan are doing a 2 week T-ball Clinic with the YMCA at Bender Fields. They started this week Monday and are having a lot of fun. It is very cute to watch. They are with the 3 and 4 year old group and are quite a bit bigger then a lot of the boys out there since I think some are barely 3. When we were leaving the first day they were upset b/c their best friend from Preschool (Carson) who is actually younger them is with the 5 year old group that plays after them and they really wanted to play with him. Talan crossed his arms and stopped his foot and said "well I am not going to play then" if he couldn't play with Carson. He had to put up his little stink. They got over it and played the next day but they both wished they could play with Carson. His mom said they put him with the older group b/c our group was full.

Their coach is coach Lisa and they have been working on throwing properly, hitting off the T and running the bases. I just love to watch them and it is funny to watch Talan not be shy with speaking up again. He can act so shy sometimes but I remember when I went on a field trip with their preschool class to the pumpkin patch he was answering all the questions and talking the whole time and that really surprised me. Well this is similar to that, he is not afraid to speak up that is for sure...even when the coach isn't asking a question :) Madden and Baker come with of course and Madden loves to run around in to the parking lot, in the dug out, on the field, you name it. The other day Talan looked at me after I chased Madden onto the field and he said "Mom, what is the problem, you are suppose to keep Madden out of here" . I thought that was so funny, excuse me Talan :) Deegan is doing really good and he is showing excellent patience so I appreciate that. He even was staying quite when he was going to get his turned skipped when it was time to bat. Both boys are doing great. We have been trying to help Talan with his throwing b/c he thinks he has to balance on one leg when he throws and Deeg's is so cute b/c he is trying to help him, he just like "see Talan, watch this". Gotta love these boys. Here are a few of the many pics I have taken. The 2nd picture down is Deegan and notice his tongue out, he always goes that when he is concentrating.

Last night was haircut night in Daddy's parlor here at home. He buzzes all the boys so it is nice to save money that way. He was done with Baker and Madden so I was working on bathing them and when I here Daddy yell "oh no" I come out and Talan had gotten a hold of the scissors and cut a big chunk out of his hair so Daddy buzzed it really short, shorter then he wanted to but I love it and think he looks really adorable. I think since Jeromy made kind of a big deal of it Talan thought it didn't look good so he was acting embarrassed today when I took them to T-ball and he asked if he could wear a hat so people couldn't see his funny hair. I think I have convinced now that he looks handsome. You can see pics below. Good thing he wasn't a girl b/c I am sure he would have cut his pony tail right off like little girls tend to do once in awhile.

This is the after the buzz cut shot for Talan. Deegan went and re-wet his hair this morning b/c he told me he decided he wanted his short like Talan's. Deeg's is just a little longer. Still super cute of course :)

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  1. Gotta love a good buzz cut, that's how we operate around here too!
    Little Sluggers looks fun! Crew was suppose to be in that group too until he fractured his wrist :( Hope they enjoy the rest of the camp, they are so cute!