Monday, July 26, 2010


Jeromy and I celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary on July 22nd and so this weekend we were actually able to take some time with just the 2 of us which is a very rare thing. My parents had the two "babies" and Jeromy's parents took the twins and we spent the night in Lynnwood on Saturday night. It was a nice get away. I feel very blessed and lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life and for celebrating 10 years of marriage. He is a great Hubby and Dad and I love him so much.

Baker has his first battle wound on his face. It is usually normal for little kids to have scrapes, cuts and bruises but since Baker can't move around and play we aren't use to seeing them on him. Madden loves to push Baker's stroller and while we were gone this weekend he did it again. This time in one split second he pushed the stroller off one stare of my parents deck and the stroller tipped over and he hit his head/face on the deck. I feel so bad for him b/c he doesn't have the natural reflexes/reactions to put his hands out to brace him so the poor little guy probably just saw the ground coming and could do nothing about it. It could have been a lot worse so thankfully no broken bones or anything but his scrapes and cuts do look really sad, these pics don't really do them justice. His tooth, or actually teeth, went through his bottom lip. It isn't affecting him now though, he still as happy as ever :) Here you can kind of see his chin owie

Here you can see his head and kind of see his lip and gums, but not too well.I hope these are the last of the battle wounds from his bro's but I doubt it.

Now onto Madden real quickly. He has been playing around on Talan and Deeg's trikes and the other day he actually started riding it really good all by himself. It is so cute, he is so little, only 22 months.

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