Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It has been quite awhile since I have written a post.  I had to look back through my camera to remember what we have all been up to.  A couple months ago Talan "lost" his first tooth.  Quite awhile ago he got hit by a swing in the mouth and his tooth died (turned kind of grayish) but it wasn't bothering him.   The Dentist said it would be fine until it started hurting, so when it did I took him in and they said root canal or pull it, well it is his baby tooth, so pull the sucker right.  Who could have thought it would cost $330 to lose his fist tooth.  He looks so cute.
End of November/Beg of December had the sick bug in our house.  Poor Talan was sick pretty sick for about a month.  Between a bad cough, cold, flu, cough, flu again, ear infection, the poor thing was sick so long.  Luckily he was healthy during his 2 Christmas programs, we were hoping he wouldn't have to miss those.

I am sure you all remember our white Thanksgiving.  We all had so much fun playing in the snow.  Here are a few pics of our adventures.

The boys love getting pulled on their sleds behind the 4-wheeler.  What a fun day with tall the snow.  Can't believe it was all gone the next day!

Then it is time to make our annual Gingerbread house.  It always turns out so beautiful...he he.  That frosting is like glue, it is so hard to spread around and I think it pretty much tastes like glue too but some how the boys think it tastes yummy.  Actually right now, since Christmas is over we are in the process of taking it down and the boys can eat it.  Can't believe they like that thing, it is not so tasty.
Time for our Church Christmas program.  This was one of a few days Talan was not sick and then he got sick again right after.  The boys love to sing and dance at home and we do it at some point every day and so I am always excited for Christmas program time.  They were a bit shy up there but it was cute.

We did our Christmas party a week early with my family b/c my parents were going to be heading out of town until spring with their motorhome.  Here is the whole Korthuis clan at my parents house.
Above is Talan and Deegans Preschool Christmas program; so stinkin adorable.  They sang a bunch of cute songs.  Below is a picture with Mrs Brann and Thompson their 2 teachers.

Now it is time to make Christmas cookies.  Talan and Deegan love cutting them out and decorating them.  This is always a fun project.  Oh and of course we love eating them too....yummy :)

Here is a family shot before we were off to one of the Christmas parties.
The boys got Paper Jamz guitars from Auntie Dar and boy do they love them!  Madden loves to play around with them too.
Speaking of Madden.  What a cutie.  Here he is with his "baby" it is a little bear holding a basketball that he loves for us to swaddle up in his blankie and he will carry him around, shoosh him and give him kisses.  It is pretty adorable.  Oh Madden, he sure can be a little sweetie, but boy, oh boy, he is definitely 2, dare I say, in his terrible two's.  He can be quite difficult, but this too shall pass and of course doesn't make us love him any less.   We tried the potty training thing but it isn't working out yet.

Also above, is Madden and his classic "cheese" face every time I pull out the camera.  He usually shuts his eyes when he says cheese, so at least his eyes are open on this one.   Below are a few more fun Christmas pictures.

Baker with his stocking

See, here is Madden's typical face for pictures.

Managed to keep his glasses on for a bit

We had a wonderful Christmas together as a family and look forward to the start of 2011 and hopefully another wonderful year together!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We got the boys dressed up in their Halloween costumes on Sunday night and took them out to see my parents and my sister and then we headed over to church for the fun party there.  Talan and Deegan were dressed up as Transformers and Baker and Madden were Lions (T and D wore those costumes a few years ago).  They all looked so cute of course.  They had fun at church and played a bunch of games but Talan and Deegan were pretty much wanting to go on the bouncy houses over and over and the place was getting a bit crowded so we took off but we spent enough time there and they had fun and got more then enough candy.  Here are some pictures of them in their costumes.
Madden is trying to check out Baker here

Now Baker is checking out the boys
Here are a few pics from the party at church:
Talan playing a shooting game

Wasn't sure if Lion Baker would fit in his wheelchair with his big puffy belly...but we squeezed him in there :)

Also, had to put a cut picture of Madden trying to reach his bday candles at his party:
Also, a couple months back when Madden was supposedly taking his nap I went in his room to find a white mess.  I remember Talan and Deegan getting a hold of their powder when they were little too but this was even worse.   I wish I would have taken a picture of his room.   I mean a whole brand new bottle, emptied, the air was thick, everything was white, I was coughing, his pour lungs had to be coated.  Took lots of time scrubbing and rescrubbing and I still find white in places here and there. I got these funny pics of him after he had made the mess though:

These were even after the initial rub down pre-scrub of course.  Doesn't he look like he has no idea he did something wrong....little stinker :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Madden, you are the sweetest blessing we never knew we wanted :)  Can't believe our baby is 2!   This takes me back to the memory of the day you were born when you made your dramatic entrance into this world with the chord wrapped around your neck.  You wanted to keep us on our toes from the moment you entered this world...actually from long before you entered this world when you put mommy on bedrest :)
You are an energetic, silly, kind hearted little boy.  You may be a bit naughty and quite a handful at times (but what 2 year old isn't) but you make mommy forget all those things when you open your arms widely and lean in for a hug and give me a sweet little kiss.   You know just the right time to plant them on me Madden.  Your favorite people to give hugs and kisses to are your brothers and your dog, Roxy.   Oh poor Roxy, you love her so much, maybe a little too much at times.  You love to lay on her and play with her and good ol' Roxy just lays there and takes it.
You have amazed us with how much you keep up with Talan and Deegan, you may be a bit slow with your talking but physically, wow, you are ahead of the pack and we are amazed by what you can do!
You know how to be gentle with Baker and you call him "baby" and give him sweet kisses on his head throughout the day.
You love to have books read to you and you think almost every animal says moo.  You are obsessed with shoes, whether they are yours our anyone else's that walks through the door.  You want their shoes off of their feet and onto yours and you will walk around in them so proudly.
We all appreciate how you never let us forget to pray. When we sit down to eat you always say "pray" and reach your arms out to hold our hands. Then after we are done you clap and say cheerfully "I pray".
I think my favorite thing about you is how excited you get to see people, of course I especially love it when that person is me and you run yelling "maammaa" with your arms wide open and a big smile on your face.   I also love how animated you are.  You have so many adorable facial expressions, most often wide eyed with your eye brows raised and mouth like a little "O" shape.  So cute.   You often say you are "happy" too, love it.   You also LOVE to dance, any time any music at all comes on you are shaking your groove thing....adorable :)
Another favorite thing I have about you Madden is how if I am having a bad day and might shed a tear you will come over without me saying anything and give me a kiss.  Just makes me feel so much better.   It is very evident that you have a giant heart and that is something I treasure about you.
I sometimes worry that I don't give you enough of our own special one on one time.  Life here (like many houses) can get a little crazy and I don't want you to ever feel like you aren't getting enough attention or time.  You have twins for brothers and a special needs brother so I hope we don't ever let anything overshadow you and how special you are.
Our lives would not be complete without our 4th sweet boy and we cherish and love you with all our hearts, you will always be our baby.
His famous "oh wow" face

Had to throw one in of Baker having a great time celebrating with Madden

Sunday, October 24, 2010


So excited to be announcing my PT Studio - Designed To Be Fit Personal Training Studio.   My awesome hubby has put in such hard work and I am so excited that I can now start working with people in it.  Check out my blog for it at: and contact me if you would like an appointment :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Yesterday was such a beautiful day so I packed up the boys and we went and picked up Jeromy from work so he could come with us to Stoneyridge.  We love that place, it is always so much fun to take the boys there and it was a great day to be there!
Here are some fun pictures from our time there:

This was so cute, Baker would take the food out of Daddy's hand and he would open his hand up and drop them in the shoot

Talan is helping Madden do it too

Baker is showing us how the sheep are eating

On our way to the pumpkin patch

Madden found a good one

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Oh boy, here we go, Madden is getting out of his crib and now there is no keeping him in.  Quite awhile ago he did it a few times and I thought "oh no, not already" but he just stopped and now it all started again yesterday and there is no stopping him so no nap today and let me tell you, that is a HUGE disappointment - momma needs you to take a nap Madden - you are  handful and your nap is a wonderful sanity break for me.   I trid for an hour to keep putting him in his crib but he just crawled right back out, that little stinker.  Then I tried about an hour later, same thing.   So nap nap today, of course sooner or later when it is bedtime tonight he will get too tired to fight it but I already miss the times when we could just lay you down Madden and you would go to sleep.   I know this is something every mom goes through but it is always a bummer.   Looks like it will be time to convert his crib to a toddler bed soon but I remember that is no fun either b/c then there is really no keeping them in.   Oh well, it is all a part of growing up.
By the way Baker had a fun Birthday yesterday and here are a few pictures of our celebration.

time for a few presents

he was in awe of his cupcake tower...or actually the car and candles on top of the cupcakes

nothing like cake between your fingers - no tastes for him though, he didn't bring his hand up to his mouth at all

the best part of the cake - the car on top :)