Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It has been quite awhile since I have written a post.  I had to look back through my camera to remember what we have all been up to.  A couple months ago Talan "lost" his first tooth.  Quite awhile ago he got hit by a swing in the mouth and his tooth died (turned kind of grayish) but it wasn't bothering him.   The Dentist said it would be fine until it started hurting, so when it did I took him in and they said root canal or pull it, well it is his baby tooth, so pull the sucker right.  Who could have thought it would cost $330 to lose his fist tooth.  He looks so cute.
End of November/Beg of December had the sick bug in our house.  Poor Talan was sick pretty sick for about a month.  Between a bad cough, cold, flu, cough, flu again, ear infection, the poor thing was sick so long.  Luckily he was healthy during his 2 Christmas programs, we were hoping he wouldn't have to miss those.

I am sure you all remember our white Thanksgiving.  We all had so much fun playing in the snow.  Here are a few pics of our adventures.

The boys love getting pulled on their sleds behind the 4-wheeler.  What a fun day with tall the snow.  Can't believe it was all gone the next day!

Then it is time to make our annual Gingerbread house.  It always turns out so beautiful...he he.  That frosting is like glue, it is so hard to spread around and I think it pretty much tastes like glue too but some how the boys think it tastes yummy.  Actually right now, since Christmas is over we are in the process of taking it down and the boys can eat it.  Can't believe they like that thing, it is not so tasty.
Time for our Church Christmas program.  This was one of a few days Talan was not sick and then he got sick again right after.  The boys love to sing and dance at home and we do it at some point every day and so I am always excited for Christmas program time.  They were a bit shy up there but it was cute.

We did our Christmas party a week early with my family b/c my parents were going to be heading out of town until spring with their motorhome.  Here is the whole Korthuis clan at my parents house.
Above is Talan and Deegans Preschool Christmas program; so stinkin adorable.  They sang a bunch of cute songs.  Below is a picture with Mrs Brann and Thompson their 2 teachers.

Now it is time to make Christmas cookies.  Talan and Deegan love cutting them out and decorating them.  This is always a fun project.  Oh and of course we love eating them too....yummy :)

Here is a family shot before we were off to one of the Christmas parties.
The boys got Paper Jamz guitars from Auntie Dar and boy do they love them!  Madden loves to play around with them too.
Speaking of Madden.  What a cutie.  Here he is with his "baby" it is a little bear holding a basketball that he loves for us to swaddle up in his blankie and he will carry him around, shoosh him and give him kisses.  It is pretty adorable.  Oh Madden, he sure can be a little sweetie, but boy, oh boy, he is definitely 2, dare I say, in his terrible two's.  He can be quite difficult, but this too shall pass and of course doesn't make us love him any less.   We tried the potty training thing but it isn't working out yet.

Also above, is Madden and his classic "cheese" face every time I pull out the camera.  He usually shuts his eyes when he says cheese, so at least his eyes are open on this one.   Below are a few more fun Christmas pictures.

Baker with his stocking

See, here is Madden's typical face for pictures.

Managed to keep his glasses on for a bit

We had a wonderful Christmas together as a family and look forward to the start of 2011 and hopefully another wonderful year together!

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  1. You have the most precious family Amy! I don't think I've ever seen a picture of little Baker without a huge smile on his face!