Thursday, June 2, 2011


We headed out for our annual camping trip with some of our friends to the Winthrop KOA over Memorial Weekend. The families that went this year were: Ortiz', Baars, Nyhoff's, Vissers, Hansons, Maynards, Powells, Todd and us. 
This year was a bit colder then the past with a majority of the time having us where jeans and sweatshirts. We had some wind and rain but also some sunshine and warmer moments too :)  Enough for Baker to get a sunburn on his face one afternoon.  The kids all had a blast.  I think they have more fun every year.  Talan and Deegan really liked being around the big kids (Easton and Kobe) this year.  Madden loved to follow anyone around and Baker was happy being included in any of the mix.  There were plenty of walks, bike rides, wagon rides, a little swimming (it was a little cold though), some fishing, lots of playground time, a play doe party, trip to the fish hatchery and lots of playing with toy guns.  A good time for everyone I think.

I was happy Baker was content with just watching the boys in the pool this time since it was a bit cold

The boys hanging out by the ipod with Easton and Kobe
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The last night we rented these 3 wheeled banana bikes and they were so much fun.  We all took turns riding them.  Madden was upset he couldn't reach the pedals and ride for himself!

Madden doing his typical cheese face with eyes shut

 Jeromy took his little pump up boat and it worked out even better then expected.  He took Talan and Deegan one day with Troy and Grant and another day he took Madden along with Andy and Wyatt.  Unfortunately Madden dropped Deegans fishing pole into the water and Jeromy wasn't able to retrieve it so poor Deeg's was bummed but he gets a new pole out of the deal :)
Had to include this picture too.  Jeromy does this every year.  Ties a bunch of wagons together and fits in as many kids as possible and takes them for a ride.  He seems like a Clydesdale leading the bunch.
Here is a picture of all the kids that came.  What a group!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Last week Preschool came to a close for Talan and Deegan at Sonshine Preschool.  For the most part I think they really enjoyed it.  Although Deegan cried many times when I dropped him off but all except one time (when I had to go back and pick both of them up) he recovered very quickly.  Fingers crossed to how Kindergarten will go next year!
Not long ago they had their final preschool program and the boys love to sing and dance around especially Deegan and he especially always learns the words really well and gets into them.  We were ready front row with cameras out and the first song started and the both did well and I could hear Deegan above all and he was into it and then not but a few seconds later I saw him grab his tummy look down and I knew that was it.  He was going to lose it.  He started to bawl.  Poor little guy.  I left him for a moment and then the teacher looked at me and said I could go get him and he sat on my lap the entire rest of the program.  He said his tummy hurt. Poor little guy gets a nervous tummy just like his mommy.  I think him seeing everyones eyes on them freaked him out and I was so sad for him b/c I know he loves to sing and he was having fun up there.  I did try to send him back up there one more time for when they were doing pictures but he still didn't like it.  Still cried.  You can see at the start of the pictures he looks great and is happy and then you see the downfall.  Hopefully this is something he will get over!  The boys both made such special little keepsakes for Jeromy and I. I will treasure those handmade things forever and they are in my special memory box.  I love you boys!

Then the last day of school was wheels day where everyone got to take their bikes and ride around the parking lot.  The boys had fun.

Here is a picture with one of their favorite preschool buddies, Weston VanDalen


The boys recently finished up their first small season of playing soccer at Bender Fields.  They were on the White Sharks team.  Deegan was #7 and Talan was #8 and white was such a fun color to have for little boys playing in the muddy fields, lets just say the shirts aren't so white anymore :)   The boys loved it.  They had so much fun and it was very cute.  Their team was full of kids who had never played before and lets just say the team wasn't the best but the boys didn't know any better and it didn't seem to phase them.  We thought Talan and Deegan actually did well.    Deegans face cracked me up when he was concentrating and going after the ball.  He gets such a serious look on his face it is hilarious.  Wish I would have gotten a good picture of it.  They were both very good at following the rules and listening to their coaches.   At the end of the season the coaches said Talan is super fast and runs that field like no other and they said Deegan is that kid that can play anywhere, you tell him where to go and he goes there and does well.   Here are a few pictures.

So much fun to watch these boys play.  Looking forward to many more seasons of various sports to come!