Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The boys recently finished up their first small season of playing soccer at Bender Fields.  They were on the White Sharks team.  Deegan was #7 and Talan was #8 and white was such a fun color to have for little boys playing in the muddy fields, lets just say the shirts aren't so white anymore :)   The boys loved it.  They had so much fun and it was very cute.  Their team was full of kids who had never played before and lets just say the team wasn't the best but the boys didn't know any better and it didn't seem to phase them.  We thought Talan and Deegan actually did well.    Deegans face cracked me up when he was concentrating and going after the ball.  He gets such a serious look on his face it is hilarious.  Wish I would have gotten a good picture of it.  They were both very good at following the rules and listening to their coaches.   At the end of the season the coaches said Talan is super fast and runs that field like no other and they said Deegan is that kid that can play anywhere, you tell him where to go and he goes there and does well.   Here are a few pictures.

So much fun to watch these boys play.  Looking forward to many more seasons of various sports to come!

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