Saturday, September 25, 2010


Oh boy, here we go, Madden is getting out of his crib and now there is no keeping him in.  Quite awhile ago he did it a few times and I thought "oh no, not already" but he just stopped and now it all started again yesterday and there is no stopping him so no nap today and let me tell you, that is a HUGE disappointment - momma needs you to take a nap Madden - you are  handful and your nap is a wonderful sanity break for me.   I trid for an hour to keep putting him in his crib but he just crawled right back out, that little stinker.  Then I tried about an hour later, same thing.   So nap nap today, of course sooner or later when it is bedtime tonight he will get too tired to fight it but I already miss the times when we could just lay you down Madden and you would go to sleep.   I know this is something every mom goes through but it is always a bummer.   Looks like it will be time to convert his crib to a toddler bed soon but I remember that is no fun either b/c then there is really no keeping them in.   Oh well, it is all a part of growing up.
By the way Baker had a fun Birthday yesterday and here are a few pictures of our celebration.

time for a few presents

he was in awe of his cupcake tower...or actually the car and candles on top of the cupcakes

nothing like cake between your fingers - no tastes for him though, he didn't bring his hand up to his mouth at all

the best part of the cake - the car on top :)

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