Sunday, September 5, 2010


Happy 5th birthday to our sweet boy Deegan!    It is funny to think back to the day you were born.  After Talan came out you decided you wanted to enjoy some time on your own so you turned sideways and stretched out and just decided to chill there for awhile.  You didn't care how much or how hard the nurses were pushing on my belly to get you to flip or how hard I was trying to get you out you wanted some peace in there by yourself.   Hope you enjoyed your time by yourself b/c you don't get much of that now!  
I am surprised how well you did yesterday with having to wait one whole extra day to be able to say it was your birthday.   It didn't faze you at all that it was Talan's birthday and not yours, you weren't jealous or anything and that made us very happy.
You are such a sweet, sweet boy.  Your Daddy and I love you so incredibly much!   One of my favorite things about you is how wonderful you are with Baker and how you tickle his cheeks or how you share your toys with him.  You are such a kidder and you love to laugh and what a great laugh it is.  Both you and Talan have such great imaginations and I love to listen to you guys play and listen to the stories you tell!  You are so loving when you ask if Baker or Madden can sit on your lap or if you can "read" them a book.  Even with some things you ask to do with Baker and I say he can't do that and you so sweetly say "it's ok Mommy, I will be careful", oh my you have such a big heart.
When you woke up this morning and I told you Happy Birthday Talan told you that you didn't look 5 and that you guys wouldn't be big until you were as big as Daddy.   I don't know what is going on though, you suddenly turned in to a good listener and a responsible boy today.   Breakfast time is always crazy here and usually you are hard to buckle down and get to eat and you kept telling Talan, "you have to eat your breakfast first" before you guys could play and "just eat Talan" (are these things I say over and over every day for every meal perhaps)  and we went to Red Robin for your favorite lunch (mac and cheese) and you wanted to help Madden eat and help him to go over to the game room and you even waited patiently for him to catch up to you.   My feeling is this is a temporary thing but hey, if it sticks, well awesome!
Daddy and I love you so much Deegan and are having so much watching you grow up!

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