Saturday, September 4, 2010


Happy 5th Birthday to our first born, Talan.  You came in to this world 1 hour and 40 minutes earlier then your twin brother but it happened to end up so you were born on different days so to you, you are a whole day older then your brother!   Your Daddy and I are so blessed to have you in our lives.   I love your sweet and gentle heart and how you tell me that I am the best Mommy ever....always when I am sure you are trying to get something out of me :)   I love how you look out for your baby brothers Baker and Madden and how you are quick to yell to me if something is wrong with Baker or if Madden is doing something he shouldn't be.   You are also honest and Daddy and I appreciate that.   When someone has done something naughty we can count on you to tell us who did it and what happened.   Deeg's likes to fib a bit but you are sure to come in saying "no, we both did it" and of course often it is that you didn't want to but Deegan said you had to :)   You and Deegan are the best of friends and we sure hope it stays that way forever.   There is a rarely a moment where you are apart from each other for longer then a minute and heaven forbid if Mommy or Daddy tries to just take one of you somewhere, that just does not fly.   We love that you love each other so much.   You are so great with giving kisses, hugs and I love you's to everyone in the family.  I could go on and on about every little thing I love about you but most of all I just want to say how thankful we are to have you as our son and how proud we are of the good little boy you are!   Can't believe you are 5 already!   Your Daddy and I waited so long to be blessed with babies and you started off the bunch and we love you so, so much!
Today was the 1st time the boys were able to invite some friends over for a birthday party.   So the friends that came were:  Carson & Cody (friends from preschool last year) , Alex, Hunter & Lane (all neighbors), Brooklyn and Kaedan and Kaedans 2 little sisters (Kamryn & Lexi) came too.  They all got along great and had fun playing on the tractors, playing in the sandbox and going for a 4-wheeler ride.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being able to take Talan and Deegan to their first movie (and my first movie in 8 years).  We saw Toy Story 3 and we all loved it.  Such a cute movie, although Talan was pretty hung up on how much he didn't like that naughty purple bear!   We pretty much had the theater to ourselves and had lots of popcorn and candy.   It was such a fun, fun time!
This past Thursday the boys had orientation at their preschool (Sonshine) and they will have their first day this coming Tuesday.   Also Thursday night was their first Little Dragons Class at the YMCA.   This is pretty much like a little karate class.   When it got started I wasn't sure what they would think b/c it was pretty serious and most of the kids knew what they were doing but they followed along really well and seemed to enjoy themselves.   Hopefully this won't get Madden kicking and punching now too though :) 
Pretty funny b/c you can see the ones who have obviously done the class before and then the 4 newbies (our boys and the Slofstra boys) all huddled at the end :)

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  1. So glad the boys had great birthdays! It's so crazy how fast the years go isn't it? Hope they enjoy their first day of Sonshine School!!!