Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Madden cries so hard that often times he makes himself pass out and it seems to be happening more and more. The last few episodes have been getting longer and longer and today's was so long it scared the crap out of me! I seriously thought I was going to have to do CPR on him. I know this happens to other kids too but goodness gracious child do you know what you do to your mother. Today Talan was wrestling with him a little too hard and he went down to the ground kind of hard. He was holding his breath so long with his cry, he first turned all blue which is typical, then all white then he gets all stiff and his body shakes and then he passes out and today I was freaking out screaming his name (like that would somehow help) and I was crying so hard b/c he was scaring me so bad. Talan and Deegan were like what is wrong mommy. Didn't mean to scare them too :( Of course afterwards he comes to and then he just lays in my arms awhile. Today I actually called the nurse to see if there is anything you can do to make your child snap out of it and take a breath before they pass out and she said unfortunately no but it doesn't damage them so that is good news. Anyways, Madden please stop scaring me! PS I wouldn't mind if you stopped sticking your hands down your pants when you go poop too. I can smell it and I promise I will change you I don't need to see it on your hands!!
One more sleep until camping - we have been counting down the sleeps with the boys, so we are off in the morning. Happy 4th to everyone!

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  1. That is super scary! Oh my I would be crying too, I had no idea that he did that. Oh and the hands in the poop, we have had some of those experiences too. I love reading about your boys, we have a lot of crazy stories to swap.
    Have fun camping, and Happy 4th to your family!