Friday, June 11, 2010


I am not good at taking the time to write in a journal or diary and wanted to be able to jot down some memories so figured this would be a good way to do that. Our friends and family can read about Baker's medical news on his CB site and now this will be a window into our everyday lives with the rest of the rug rats over here for those of you who want to check it out...or even just for me being able to hold onto memories b/c my memory is not so tip top these days!

Talan and Deegan had their last day of preschool yesterday. They still have one more year left but this was the last day with Teacher Leslie. They seemed to really enjoy it and they made some great friends, especially Carson and Cody. Boy do I never hear the end of them talking about Carson! Unfortunately Cody will be in Kindergarten next year and Carson will be back with Teacher Leslie so all our time with them will have to be through playdates. Here is a picture of the fabulous foursome.

Madden is just a crazy little guy who loves attention and if he is not getting enough he will surely let you know! He loves to scream really loud and the boys think it is hilarious and kind of egg it on but it really hurts Mommy and Daddy's ears! Madden loves to be outside and really is a different boy when he is out there. I am looking forward to some nice sunny days so we can be out there more. We are lucky to have a lot of room outside for the boys to play!

Baker is still the happiest thing ever. I am having a hard time getting him to wear his glasses with the patch on them, or even without the patch. He really is just so fast and hooking those suckers right off!

These 4 boys are the biggest blessings we could ask for. They can go from being the most difficult, challenging things one moment to the sweetest, most loving boys the next. I try to take a lot of deep breaths during the stressful moments and a lot of smiles during the sweet moments.

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