Monday, June 21, 2010


So yesterday was Father's Day and we had a great day together. I am so thankful for the Father's in my life. My own Dad, my Father-in-law and of course my husband. I am so blessed to have each of them in my life. The boys are so lucky to have Jeromy as a daddy. He is so great with all of them. Jeromy is the hardest working and most generous man I know and I know he is passing those traits onto the boys along with showing them how to be tough and to always be there to help friends and family. If they turn out to be as good of a man as their daddy is I know the world will be a better place. They all love their daddy so much and I love to see them together, although really I hope they don't all turn out to be Daddy's boys b/c I need someone too :) Here is a picture of Jeromy and the boys. Madden was not happy about getting his picture taken at this moment. Jeromy cuddling with Baker on his new hammock that he got for Father's Day

Here is a picture of my dad with me, Brent and Dar.

Grandpa DeMeyer playing with the boys.

Grandpa Korthuis and the boys. Talan had been playing hard so he was a bit hot, that is the reason for his Rico Suave look :)

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