Monday, September 5, 2011


Yesterday was Talan's bday and today is Deegan's birthday. Yesterday we went bowling and to their favorite restaurant - Red Robin. Today will most likely include mini golf and maybe the park and a picnic. Can't believe these boys are 6. This coming weekend we will have some of their friends over for bday party. We are so blessed with these 2 boys, they really are remarkable. Hearts of gold. So kind, generous and caring. Talan told me he wanted to give me his birthday presents and that he would share them with Baker and Madden too (before he knew what he got but he probably would still hold to it if we asked, which we won't of course)). He always wants to make others happy. They are THE BEST big brothers in the world. They care for Baker with such love and compassion and they include Madden (most of the time) when they play. Deegan always wants to help me clean and you will often find him vacuuming and picking up toys when I ask. The love to help me dust and want to help in the kitchen. Even though it may be faster and easier on my own I love including them and I can only pray they want to help mommy forever. I get a lump in my throat when I think about how blessed we are with all 4 of our boys but today as I focus on the blessing of 6 years ago and the magic and joy and miracles that came into our lives I am humbled knowing that God chose us to raise and mold them into the best little men we can. THANK YOU GOD FOR our little family!!

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