Friday, March 11, 2011


Once again it has been awhile since my last post.  With the older boys I was good at writing down and keeping track of everything they were doing - words they were saying, how they were sleeping, eating...all that jazz.  I haven't been doing so well with Madden.  Typical thing with the youngest right.

Well Madden is almost 2 1/2 and he is still a boy of few words.  He has some cute things that he says that almost sound like the real word that I wanted to make sure to write down so we wouldn't forget.  Here are some of them:
I you = I love you
Yorry = sorry
All dum = all done
chew = cereal
nose = kleenex
Bibi = Binki
Nigh nights = blankies
Poopoo's = diapers
T T = Talan
Deeg Deeg's = Deegan
I P = icecream
Yoyo = yogurt
Papa = Grandpa
Baba = milk = whether in his sippie or on his cereal he asks for baba.
As you can see he likes to repeat syllables.
He likes to try to say abra cadabra; it comes out kinda like a ba tada and he waves his arms.
There are probably more but those are the ones that are sticking out in my head right now.  He also walks around and says "huh" alot with a surprised look on his face, like how did that happen or how did that get there.
Often the only people that know what he is saying are Jeromy and I.

He says some other words clearly but still lots of mumbo jumbo.  He loves trucks, trains and tractors, like the rest or our boys.  He also still loves to dance too.   He is very animated and it is very funny when he tries to tell you about something that happened, especially when his older brothers have been rough with him.  He will come up and say TT or Deeg Deegs "mashed" me and he will hit himself really hard where they hit him with a very serious look on his face.  It is pretty comical.  

His favorite show is Chuggington.  It use to be Oso and now he wants nothing to do with that.  All he cares about (as far as tv) is Chuggington. 

Now onto the tears portion.   This is regarding Deegan and preschool.  Almost every single time I drop him off at preschool he cries.  The teacher says it is short lived but he does it.  Usually right before we leave home he tells me he has a tummy ache.  Then the tears come right when we pull in the parking lot.  He doesn't really have an explanation but our feeling is that he feels bad b/c the learning part of preschool Talan has an easier time with.  Talan is so fast with his school work (I try to tell him it isn't a race) and I think that stressed Deegan out b/c it doesn't come as easily to him.  That breaks my heart.  Our desire has always been that one twin does not overly excel over the other; meaning we are hoping that one will not be way better in sports or way better in school.  Just breaks my heart to think one of the boys would have hurt feelings if they weren't as good at something as the other.  Part of life I know, but harder when you are a twin.  It will be time for kindergarten next year and I hope Deegan doesn't struggle with crying when I bring him there too.  I took them in for their kindergarten shots today and holy cow you would have thought they were getting tortured in there.  It would not have been possible for them to scream any louder.  Deeg's went first and he was screaming that he didn't want to go first, actually hurt my ears it was so loud.  Baker was with and I had to lay him on the chair/bed thing right next to me and hold each boys arms down during their shot and they each screamed so hard that is scared Baker and he was screaming and Talan was clinging to the scale and wouldn't let go when it was his turn b/c he was petrified too.  I felt like a horrible mom b/c I couldn't help but laugh a little during the process b/c I was so shocked out how they were acting.   They were just terrified.   I swear they could have heard them from the waiting room which we were very far away from.

We signed Talan and Deegan up for soccer so they will start that in the middle of April and we are looking fwd to that.  It is always cute to see them playing sports.  I love it.  Hope they have fun.  Sometimes with sports Talan can be frustrated with himself and get mad if he is not good so hopefully that won't be the case.  Hopefully they can just enjoy it.

We had our first broken window today.  Not all the way through but the boys were throwing things around upstairs (I didn't see it happen so not sure what they were throwing and of course they can't remember) and Talan threw a toy that hit the window and it is now broken.  Bummer, had to happen sooner or later I guess with 4 crazy boys :)

Baker is doing great, he had a really sick spell with pneumonia, RSV and an ear infection and he really struggled for a week but he is doing well and back to smiles, giggles and wiggles.  He even says a word now.  He says "Hi" and he is so proud of it.  He will say it when he see's a phone or when someone comes home. At the Dr today he was saying it over and over to the Dr.  It is music to our ears.  My parents are still out of town and they get to hear him say hi on the phone, in fact it is hard to sit near him when I am trying to talk b/c he just wants to keep saying it very loudly.  So cute!

A change with me is that  a couple days ago I resigned my position as aerobics coordinator at Homestead.  I will still be an instructor and personal trainer there as well as at my own studio but I decided to step down from my coordinating position.  It was a hard decision but I have to tell you as of right now I feel nothing but relief!  There was so much stress involved in that job and it just took too much of my time even with me mentally being consumed with something there and not focusing on my family like I should.   So I am happy with my decision.

Well that is all for now.  The next thing we have to look forward to is in 2 weeks a little trip down south to Chuck E Cheese, Red Robin and Embassy Suites in Lynnwood for the night.  Lots of fun!

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  1. You are such a busy mom!! I will pray about the pre-school situation and competition among your twins. That is hard. I hope kinder is exciting for both of them!
    Shots... ahhh! Kids get so freaked out sometimes! It is hard on us mamas too!
    Your youngest has a pretty cute vocabulary!