Saturday, April 2, 2011


Saturday we headed south for our fun weekend with the kids.  Last year we went with a bunch of friends and this year it started out like it was going to be the same and then it ended up just being us and one other family (The Stauffers) and then the last minute they had to cancel because they were sick so it ended up being just our family but that was fine.  We weren't going to try and reschedule because the boys have been asking "how many more days" pretty much since we were there last year.  So Saturday morning we headed to Burlington to go to Red Robin (the boys favorite restaurant) and Chuck E Cheese.   Boy, were both crazy busy.  The boys just adore Chuck E Cheese.  There were so many kids there (just like last year) and Talan and Deegan have so much fun playing the games.  Jeromy and I took turns chasing Madden and he had a lot of fun this year with many of the smaller games too so that was great that he could enjoy it.  Last year he pretty much just wanted to run around.   I also had Baker the whole time.  He was in his hi-low base and that is harder to maneuver especially through small places trying not to run over people toes.  Wish he could play the games, but he at least had fun watching the boys play.   A few hours there seems long enough so then we were off to Lynnwood to stay at the Embassy Suites.   We all went swimming and Baker loved the pool!  He had more fun in the pool then I have ever seen him have before.  He was flapping his arms up and down like crazy and he was wiggling around with a big smile on his face.  He was just loving it.  Usually when people jump in and he gets splashed he freaks out but he didn't at all this time, he would just kind of freeze for a second like he was surprised and then keep on playing.  It is such a treat to see him enjoy himself so much.  Madden had a lot of fun too.  Jumping to Daddy and Talan and Deegan do great in the water and love it as well.  We all had fun.   Bedtime is a bit rough, afterall why would 4 little boys want to go to bed when you could be bouncing off the walls instead.   The hotel had some banquet going on in the middle too and it was actually very loud so that was kind of difficult.  So we were all a bit tired tired when we got home but glad we could go and have this time together.  Nothing like fun family time!  We really have the 4 sweetest boys in the world!  I feel so lucky and blessed!
Here are a few pictures from the outing:
Baker wants a ball so bad too

Gideey up

Both Baker and Madden really like trains

All smiles

Everyone enjoying the pool - wish I could have gotten a picture of Baker loving the pool too

Ok mom, take the picture, I am a little cold

Movie time - guess how long they layed like this - maybe 1 second after I snapped the picture :)  Then it was back to rough housing

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  1. I love taking the family down to Embassy Suites, it is the best!!! Glad to know that your kids just don't all sit nice and watch a movie either, boys are sure full of it, aren't they!!??
    Sounds like you guys had a blast, we still have yet to take our boys to Chucky E Cheeses, I guess that might need to be on our list soon. I am sure you are exhuasted after a so called "vacation" more work than being at home, but the kids looked like they just loved it!