Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Let's see, since our last camping trip over Memorial Weekend we have had a few more adventures.

Baker and I rode in my brothers Truck (which he dedicated to Menkes awareness and Baker) in the Farmer's Day parade in Lynden.  Baker loves this.  He loves to see everyone waving and smiling at him, it is so precious and Brent is so amazing and thoughtful to do this for Baker.  He loves our little guy too.

His little smilling face looked so cute in there

We went to the Lynden KOA (oh I know, big travel right...but we love it) with the Stauffer family.  The weather was not very good, lots of rain but that didn't matter to the kids.  They played in the mud and had a great time.  As before, they loved the paddle boats, golfing, swimming, fishing (dodging all the duck poop), playing on the playground and riding bikes.

Next was Father's Day.  We are so lucky to have 3 wonderful Father's in our lives.  My Dad, Jeromy's Dad and of course Jeromy.  They are all so wonderful and we are so blessed to have them.  Jeromy is such an amazing Daddy to our boys and they just adore him.  I am one lucky lady!  
My Dad and his 5 grandsons

Jeromy and the boys

No pictures with Jeromy's Dad b/c they are out of town for a few months on a canoe brigade

Next we took a trip to Wenatchee to visit Jeromy's parents on their half way point.  The boys enjoyed watching them canoe in and we spent time swimming and playing in the park.

This is a special needs chair that we bought for Baker and we have used it in so many places it is our best purchase for him so far - fits in his stroller, we can tie it on the wagon, can strap it in the bike trailer, can put on the ground to play in the sand and also on the tire swing.  So fun for him!!

We had a get together at our house for the 4th of July.  Last year we were camping but this year it didn't work out for us and Jeromy loves to do fireworks (and we love to watch them) so we had some friends over (The Stauffers, Langstraats and Ramermans) and ate together, the kids played and we watched the fireworks show.  Boy does it not get dark until late theses days - so all the kids stayed up super late but they didn't even act tired, not even little Madden.   In the past Baker has been afraid of the fireworks but not this year. 
You might be a redneck if you hook up your boat to your 4-wheeler to give all the kids a ride :)

Here is a picture of the bunch minus Baker (who is on my lap) and Kingston (sleeping in the stroller) and the Langstraat kids.

Then was a camping trip to Lake Goodwin with The Brink's and the Ahlers.  We had so much fun together.  The weather turned out to be much nicer then expected which is great.  This park has a great little "swimming" area for the kids...I say swimming lightly b/c it is so shallow for so far out that the kids can walk around and play in it and we feel pretty safe which is great.  There is also a great city park right next to the campground that we could walk to and they had a very fun playground for the kids to play in and also a very shallow swimming area.   The kids also love the speedbump that was right out in front of our trailers.  They are took turns trying to make jumps over it on their bikes.  We thought for sure someone would end up with stitches by the end but everyone stayed injury free.

The boys were all in love with Sparkey, the Brink's dog.  They kept wanting to take him for "walks" and cudle him. Very cute!

At some point early this summer Jeromy also replaced our deck.  We had/have Trex decking and our last batch was faulty and got recalled and it was peeling apart and didn't look good.  So Jeromy had the big task of taking it all down (we put it on Craigslist for free and wow when you put something up for free Holy Cow do you get a lot of people wanting it) and then he had to put it all on again.  Big job but as usual he did it so beautifully.  You will often find me bragging about my hubby and how lucky I am that he is so handy.  I really mean that, I swear that guy can build or fix anything and I love that.   He is such a hard worker, we are so lucky!  I hope the boys grow up to be just like him!
Here is Madden "helping Daddy" and he is drinking water out of an empty beer bottle, gotta love it right, he thinks he is super cool :)
A month or two ago Deegan lost his first tooth.  He has been wiggling it around forever and kept asking when he would lose it and one day he came running in the house so excited, tooth in hand, blood running down his chin, saying "look mom I lost my tooth" he was beyond thrilled :) 

The boys started their little 2 week soccer camp type thing at Bender Fields this week.  Hopefully they will enjoy that.  It is fun to watch them play.

Coming up yet - next Friday is Jeromy and I's 11th wedding anniversary and we are so excited to be going to a Kenny Chesney Concert in Tacoma and spending the night down there.

Then we have a camping trip to Concrete KOA coming up as well as one to Oak Harbor City Park.  We are looking fwd to both of those.

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